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    Escaped the debt-trap of college with 77 credit hours. After spending a year studying the Great Books of Western Civilization at St. John’s College in Santa Fe, NM, returned to KS to study Linguistics, Psychology, Literature and a bit of Music at WSU. I was the person who asked too many difficult questions and spent more time in Ablah Library than in class, doing research to get them answered.

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    Why do you want to be mayor? 

    To show how well it might be done. Besides, this is the city where I live. It’s where I’ve taken up teepee living. Where my child resides. Many of my friends. People I care about very much. I notice how this government robs them of their voice, their dignity, their riches and their trust. What was I supposed to do, just sit and take it? Not anymore, and neither should any of you.

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      Yeah! Fight the power!!!

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    How would you lead the city? 

    Hold on. The sheer presumption that this city needs any leading whatsoever is an insult to the capable people of Wichita. Like we’re children or something. As a matter of fact, we are an incredible people who are by-and-large quite fully grown, and who would like to be treated like the powerful human beings we are. Without even the dignity of proper defense by their mayor, the people are restless for a simple change in character and harmonic from their government.

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    What are your top three priorities for the city and how would you accomplish them? 

    Jobs for everyone who needs one, because in our society nearly every shred of human dignity has been enshrined in the almighty job. But we actually DO have a lot of work to do–to invent, build, restore, and cleanse the vital life-giving and saving parts, while deliberately deploying local solutions designed to help us weather the gathering financial and geopolitical storms. We need to look to durability and stability in our policies, to secure an economic environment that will expand our competitive advantages of businesses who have found a home here, as well as attract a diversity of other enterprises to this entrepreneurial center.

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      Rather than suckle the meager tits of the failing federal, and schizoid state governments, we can work to insulate our city from the effects of the global and national financial and economic atrocities that are starting to hit home pretty hard for some in our community.

      We’ve got to give the corporatism a break for a change. And the public-pseudo-private partnership garbage. Give it a rest. Time to evolve into a mode of an economically, self-sufficient enterprise unit with a bias towards durability–something that somebody never bothered to consider. Whether it feels like it or not, we’ve come off of a decade-long offensive against the American people by their governments at every level, funded by empty investments, stolen from pension funds, peddled to unsuspecting victims worldwide, then bailed out by interest payments to be made by our children and grandchildren with dollars rendered worthless by unfettered deficits, and all owed to the very same entities that masterminded this universal cash heist.

      It is time for the City to prove it cares for every individual by at least treating them as well as they would treat the latest zombie corporation on the verge of implosion, or the latest hair-brained idea to juice our marketing portfolio. Or the latest

      Lets swap the weird partnerships and marketing conglomerates and all the other government-funded front organizations for the state-sponsored corporatized-capitalism for some free-people-ism. Let’s find out what happens when we let the people make their votes with their own money and in their own way.

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    The city’s budget is at deficit this year, and more cuts probably will be needed. Where do you think the city can trim expenses, how much money do you think that could save and how do you think it would affect residents? Please be as specific as you can. 

    We must ensure that the City has all the equipment, personnel and budgets necessary for those essential services for which we have municipal governments. To do anything else crowds out the entrepreneurship for which this city is known, and discourages those companies who would enter our market if they did not have to compete against government-sponsored and funded competitors. We should reconsider the necessity of charging a $100 million dollar “preparedness center.” on our grandchildren’s credit cards.

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    Please explain how your experiences in your job and education qualify you for the job of mayor. 

    The qualifications to run for Mayor don’t say anything about job or education. Anyone who has held a position in a bureaucracy anywhere similar to government should probably be disqualified to serve on the Council. There’s a reason we have a professional management staff that actually runs our government. Although the Mayor may want to pretend he’s the City Manager or vice versa, those roles are perfectly and properly distinct from each other. I’m not running for City Manager. I’m running to be the peoples’ representative on the Council.

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      My job allows me to have an incredible freedom to work, or not, as I please. This gives me time to satisfy my insatiable passions to solve the problems of our day. I spend an incredible amount of time simply reading and writing. No TV for me. Movies a couple times a year. Once C-SPAN2 was taken off the lowest COX tier, I haven’t really watched TV at all. Movies either. I read, study, write, invent and create with the passion and energy that many have have allowed themselves to be drained from them by the debt-prison jobs which are hallmark to these credit-crazy times.

      So why would what one does as a job prepare them to have the most ridiculous job in the world, being a Boss Hog of some wanna-be local tyranny? Regardless of how close Uncle Jesse is to foreclosure, this isn’t Hazard county.

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    What is the worst decision the City Council made in 2010? Why do you feel it was the wrong move and what would you have done differently? 

    Likely their biggest mistake was to meet in the first place. After that, I would think that officially turning our fair city into a federal experiment in prison-grid quality tyranny by breaking ground on the Heartland Preparedness Center. Emergency preparedness is great, but taking a $100 Million bribe from FEMA and the Defense Department to spread their “fusion center” scourge into our city limits, to be paid for by our children and grandchildren, might take the cake.

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    What should be the city’s role in downtown revitalization? What would you do as mayor to further that view? 

    To keep the streets clean in the summer and clear in the winter. To respond to distress when called. To maintain and develop the community-owned infrastructure so important to the arts and commerce that the utopian, marketeering planners always trot out to decently cover tax-captured revenues being funneled into questionable projects with exorbitant price tags. Generally it is best to simply get out of the way.

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    Under what circumstances — including any specific criteria, such as cost-to-benefit or return on investment ratios — do you think industrial revenue bonds should be used in Wichita? 

    By lowering the cost-burden of government, all boats rise. Frighteningly simple. We are too often lured into expensive, pie-in-the-sky schemes under the promises of a few jobs. Corporations are sitting on a lot of cash right now, trying to navigate the economic turmoil, and government givaways to businesses in these times will only make the dream of cutting taxes for the rest of Wichita’s residents and businesses more distant.

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    Under what circumstances — including any specific criteria, such as cost-to-benefit or return on investment ratios — do you think tax increment financing districts should be used in Wichita? 

    Once every single property owner has the same option to finance improvements of their own properties the same way. I’d like a driveway and some landscaping, and some new, energy-efficient wondows, and some more insulation, and a more efficient furnace, and some new stain on my porch, and would love to commission a local artist for a statue or two. TIF’s all around, I say! Green Jobs, Less Blight!

    • Krotchety 5:08 pm on 2011-02-02 Permalink | Reply

      I think you’re being sarcastic, but if not, that may not be such a bad idea.

      • TakeMyMayor--Please! 6:01 pm on 2011-02-02 Permalink | Reply

        I think messing with TIF’s and the like might be the third rail of local politics. Real Estate developers like to pretend they run this town, and that means TIF money.

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    Under what circumstances do you think community improvement districts should be used in Wichita? What do you think of the council’s decision requiring a business to post a sign indicating it is taking part in a CID but not revealing how much the extra sales tax is? 

    Never. How about turning Wichita into tax haven, instead? Forcible “reinvestment” (redististribution) is exactly backwards. Develop tax-free zones where you want to draw commerce into. This idea does the opposite. How about a downtown tax to fill gaps in new state arts funding? We need a lot more debate before we just sign off on these schemes.

    • scott4mayor 4:41 pm on 2011-02-02 Permalink | Reply

      I hate 75 word limits. I’d like to hear any upsides to CID’s from any who support them.

      • TakeMyMayor--Please! 6:03 pm on 2011-02-02 Permalink | Reply

        I don’t think most people know what they are, a hidden sales tax increase. The Council wouldn’t even agree to put that fact on the sign that’s supposed to ‘unhide’ this tax.

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    Under what circumstances do you think community improvement districts should be used in Wichita? What do you think of the council’s decision requiring a business to post a sign indicating it is taking part in a CID but not revealing how much the extra sales tax is? 

    Why not turn the whole city into a CID, and use the proceeds purely to uniformly lower property taxes?. Ultimately it’s all robbing Peter to pay Paul, but turning taxing authority over to the private sector is a perversion we should not suffer. I could rob my penny jar to make my nickel bank heavier, but what has that accomplished? I’m all for re-inventing taxation, but CID’s are a hideous idea.

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    Should city government pursue further consolidation with county government? If so, how or in what areas? 

    Generally, I am for keeping power as close to its source, the People. I support decreasing the cost of government, but generally not if that means ceding our sovereignty to a more distant “consolidation.” What can be sold as greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness might sometimes really only be a new power grab, which should be resisted, rather than heralded.

    • scott4mayor 3:39 pm on 2011-02-02 Permalink | Reply

      Didn’t have this one done yet, so just threw down a one-off. Comments are welcome.

      • TakeMyMayor--Please! 6:04 pm on 2011-02-02 Permalink | Reply

        Smaller words. Reads like gobbledygook.

    • scott4mayor 3:42 pm on 2011-02-02 Permalink | Reply

      Found: Slightly sarcastic answer I guess I had attempted:

      Maybe we could get them to join into our CID mandatory charity raffle for people about to be spending rapidly-becoming-worthless money. Shoot, let’s get into the currency wars ourselves, and issue a local currency paid in return for being involved in community matters through our neighborhood associations, performing charitable work, and hey, even for getting out and voting, or even attending a City Council meeting.

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    Explain why you do or do not support the proposed trash hauling cooperative. What would have to change for you to support it — or, what do you think could improve it? 

    No! There are much better ideas than what is being proposed. We have to back off this whole idea in a hurry. Many of the reasons we are supposedly testing these waters can be well-served with some fresh ideas that end up better serving everyones interest, while increasing the opportunities to current and future haulers. We can do recycling, bulk-hauling, clean-ups and the like without setting up some new, coercive regime.

    • Krotchety 4:56 pm on 2011-02-02 Permalink | Reply

      I bet we’re not getting the whole story about this one.

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    At least six homes in the Maple Shade subdivision in southeast Wichita are crumbling because of problems with their slab foundations. What more — if anything — do you think the city should do to protect consumers from these types of problems? 

    I think that the Office of Central Inspection has taken a great deal more heat than they deserved in this issue. If the building codes had been followed, these problems would not have arisen. OCI should pressure industry groups and their developers to police their own, and licences should be suspended or revoked on those firms who did not demonstrate their ability to build these homes in a workmanlike manner.

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    What do you think the city should do to be more transparent to taxpayers? 

    First of all, it should adhere to the Kansas Open Records Act and the Kansas Open Meetings act. They have openly flaunted their responsibility to follow these laws. Second of all, the City should overhaul the wichita.gov website to streamline access to the most telling documents, and to do away with old and proprietary media formats. Thirdly, I would encouraging the local press to be more investigative with City Hall, so casual observers may be better informed.

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    What do you believe city government’s role should be as it relates to helping the homeless and hungry? 

    Our respect for human life and simple dignity are more telling about our character as a city than any shiny new building, statue, or road ever will. We can shirk our responsibility as human beings by expecting government to cleanse our guilt, but one way or another we must support every effort to care for those in need. I hereby pledge 10% of my salary as Mayor to this end.

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    Have you ever been convicted of a crime? If so, what and when? Do you believe that affects your ability to lead? 

    Yes and No, it wouldn’t. Recently I got a speeding ticket traveling for Thanksgiving. I paid the ticket. I also have a misdemeanor conviction for an untidy lawn. A few years ago I was arrested for non-payment of a parking ticket (that I got for parking in front of my house). I paid the ticket. That was when I learned from the Wichita Police that I “lived in the ‘hood.'” I was offended by the remark.

    • Nicki 8:01 am on 2011-02-11 Permalink | Reply

      I love this one!

      • scott4mayor 12:06 pm on 2011-02-11 Permalink | Reply

        In the final version of my answer I worked in that I had yet to be arrested for possession of a Sharpie.

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    Head Rigger/Flyman/Carpenter, IA Local 190; also specializing in theatrical installations in Wichita and surrounding areas for Theatrical Services, Inc., primarily counterweight and dimming systems. Occasional technical writing, web programming, motion picture and scenic carpentry work as it comes along.

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    Eagle Voters Guide 

    I’ll be posting a question at a time, so discussion may commence in a more structured manner.

    I didn’t really want to be flooding facebook too badly so here’s and alternative I think we can take advantage of.

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