Today Only: Read “Feudalism aka American Capitalism” :

Random Excerpt:

Even though most of us are richer than serfs of some other countries, we are still serfs within our own society.

When I see beggars on the streets, I see serfs.
When I see lineups for grocery handouts, I see serfs.
When I see people who can’t afford dental, medical, or legal services, I see serfs.
When I see heads of households who are involuntarily unemployed, I see serfs.
When I see workers on minimum wage, I see serfs
When I see working people who can’t afford to buy a home, I see serfs.
When I see families who still don’t own their homes after 20 years of payments, I see serfs.

The bottom 90% have been sold, and continue to be sold a severely distorted image of America through the media. The image of themselves as a huge middle class simply does not concur with reality.

To assist in the illusion, the bottom 90% have been encouraged to believe that doctors, dentists, engineers, etc., comprise the “upper class”. Not surprisingly, working professionals have also been encouraged to think of themselves as the upper class. The fact of the matter is that these working professionals statistically fall into the bottom 90% of society.