My inspirations for campaign signage is Dr Liz’s…

My inspirations for campaign signage is Dr. Liz’s Altered Books:

Max said he made me a sign, but I haven’t seen it yet. I invite everyone to try their spray paint templates on my back fence.

Also, it will be time in about a week to be implementing some backstage tricks with the white-gaff-and-Sharpie method (remember a buddy tab!).

There will be videos on other easy-load-out and enviro-friendly guerrilla-marketing techniques. I was a boy scout, and think leaving things better than you found them is a great ideal.

Because there may be campaign finance issues involved, I’d appreciate you dropping me a personal note telling me how much you spent on any campaign-related expense, because if that total exceeds certain limits, I may have to report them to comply with campaign finance law, even if my intention was originally to in no way be obligated to report anyone on any sort of list to any government ethics construct for any reason.

But dirty tricks abound in politics, so I’m endeavoring to prepare for such eventualities.·