I have mixed feelings about my submission for the Eagle Voter’s Guide. 75 words not enough in some ways, and way too many in others. I massaged some of my answers too much, and I wonder whether the Eagle will even publish others. Regardless, those who know me won’t be swayed one way or the other, because they know that my relationship with my ego is an easygoing one, and that I can back off of my positions when it is warranted, and think nothing of it if I’m wrong or have exaggerated. Wichita really has the opportunity to start something with this election. They may choose the status quo, but at least they will do so given full knowledge that they have a humble servant willing to listen, and not afraid to question the powers when warranted. I know I am not the comfortable choice, but that is the cornerstone of this campaign. I may not get elected, but at least you know I thrive on contentious issues, and am not afraid to say what needs to be said, or call out who needs calling out. These are not the times for scaredy-cat, flim flam politicians, with no articulate dissent with which to contend. We should really be looking for that outlier choice that at least shakes the foundations of the elitism that we’ve been suffocating in of late. They believe they are doing well, because almost no one rises to challenge them. They believe themselves the rightful choice, because those with integrity have no desire to enter their dirty game. They believe that they do no wrong because their own political machines do not deliver them worthy challengers. We can change the dynamic, and change it in a hurry, if we simply have the collective nerve to vote against every supposedly rational measure of what a good candidate is supposedly made of. I don’t believe she is made of endorsements, or political experience. Not made of political slogans, or quite fitting of a party’s platform. A vote for me is a courageous vote, a vote for an incumbent or an also-ran is a vote whose genesis is fear. Punish me for speaking truth if you like, or reward me for it. But if you are willing to get along and go along with how things have tended to be, I wonder why you would even want to vote at all.